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  • The sun is out and the rinks are packed, so needless to say it’s a great day for roller hockey in Southern California.Even though we’re just over 1/3rd of the event, there’s already been some great finishes.  The 18-team peewee division is in the tail end of the preliminary games and teams are being seeded for playoffs.   I’m very impressed by the number of quality teams at the top and it’s a dogfight to see who gets seeded platinum.  I just watched the second half of a great peewe

  • By Casey Wedge Day 1 - Early Evening Update As the day has progressed there’s been foot traffic going every which way in and around the rink. A few teams came in fired up, hot, and ready to go this morning in the Peewee division going 2-0 to start the tourney. Making the trip from BC, the WC Warriors 98s proved they’re a top competitor in their first two games initially defeating the Revision Devil Dogs 6-3 and then beating up 2K Gong Show with a final score of 7-1. Similarly, NCR Tour

  • By Casey Wedge Good Morning from Sunny SoCal It’s only 9:00AM and it’s already a beautiful, sunny, 65° day here at the Irvine Inline rink. With a total of 96 teams hailing from all throughout California, Arizona, Nevada, and British Columbia competing in this weekends event the rinks filling up quickly this morning and we’re expecting a packed house all weekend.Peewee games are kick starting the first day of the tournament playing for the majority of the morning followed up by Bantam

  • Another solid weekend of NARCh Hockey in the books as we make our only trip to Pennsylvania in the 2013.  It was a great time and we saw a ton of great hockey.  I’m excited to put this video highlight together, as I was lucky to capture some great moments throughout the event. It’s always nice seeing my friends here in the East, sharing a few laughs and talking shop.  Almost everyone is pumped for Toronto and planning on attending the FINALS that are creeping up on us quickly about 10

  • We are definitely in the heart of our travel season.  Last week we were on Hawaiian time, 6 hours different then where we are now in Pennsylvania.  Next week we’re back on Cali time for our largest regional event of the year in Irvine where we’ll cram about 225 games into 3 days.I was looking forward to coming to this event for multiple reasons.  Most of the teams playing in this qualifier will be making the trip up to Canada for the FINALS, so I wanted to see them play and make sure they

  • by Lonny LovinsAs we head into day 3 of our NARCh regional here in Hawaii, we have a lot going on.  The Yoder brothers are chasing immortality as they work hard at cementing their place in NARCh history by chasing the one gold medal that has eluded them…The coveted 35+ championship.   On a more serious note, the work that has been done with the Hawaiian teams thanks to Jami and his crew here has been phenomenal.  The systems that have been put into place will help hockey here grow for many

  • This month we’re all over the map with our events, racking up the frequent flier miles.Next weekend we’re in Hawaii.  I know, tough right?  This is our 4th year at the Kapolei Inline Hockey Arenas and it’s our largest tournament there to date with 43 teams competing in every division from 8u to 35 and over.   We’d like to thank the Southern Stars coming all the way from Australia with 7 teams and a large entourage of 120 strong. On April 20th-21st we travel to Broomall, PA to Marple

  • We all know that roller hockey is an awesome sport that helps translate to sharper skills on the ice.  We still run into some hard-headed people that are in denial, or newer players and parents that just don't realize the benefits of roller hockey and how fun it is in it's own right.  Hopefully this little campaign will help.  If you run a league, you can email and we'll send you a jpeg so you can add your league specifics at the bottom.   Also, if you are going to print this

  • We had three regional qualifying tournaments this weekend in San Jose, Raleigh, and Colorado Springs.  Mike Vickerman is from Colorado, so it made the most sense to let him stay in his home state and work that event.  Unfortunately he came down the flu, but still battled through it and represented NARCh at SIHA. Alex and Itan traveled across the country to North Carolina.  From the looks of it online they had a lot of fun and ran a great tournament.I was fortunate enough to catch what was su

  • We had a great time this weekend at Dreamsports Center in North Carolina.  A special thanks to Steve and his staff, as they had things buttoned up for us once we got here.  They run this rink very well!NARCh Cub Division – All of the players 6 and under that play at the rink came for a mini tournament, where they split into 3 teams.  They all played in 3 games, and had a great time doing it (but you have to take a look at the pictures on the Facebook page… the kids are really cute, and so

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