• Exciting Final Thursday in San Jose By Alex Morrison Today brings a lot of activity to the SportsPlex.  Pee Wee Platinum has just finished up their pool play, and has been seeded for the playoffs.  As I was walking by rink 3 earlier this afternoon, right at the end of the Anarchy vs Mississauga Rattlers game, there was a close play down in the Anarchy defensive zone, and right at the buzzer, a shot on goal.  The buzzer sounded just before the puck entered the net, preserving the tie.  What

  • Looking back at the Champs of the past. View NARCh Pro Hall of Champions

  • What a CRAZY day! We’ve still got a half a day of hockey tomorrow to put the cap on this wonderful event, but for most they think of the Saturday Night Pro Final as the Grand Finale to the NARCh FINALS. Sponsors have basically packed it in and I’m sure I will get a little grief from a few parents tomorrow stating that the sponsors should stay until the end. Happens every year. Alex and Adam have done a great job blogging while I’ve been doing some other things, including playing. Two


  • The best in the game show off their skills.

  • Tour Mudcats VS. Mission Labeda Snipers. Enjoy!

  • A glimpse at some of the spectacular goals and saves caught on film in the Professional Division at the North American Roller Hockey Championships Final Tournament in San Jose, CA. Enjoy!

  • The 2010 NARCh Pro Skills Competition showcased roller hockey's finest professional athletes competing to determine who is the world's fastest skater on the court and who is the best sniper and goalie in a shootout. Watch these quick highlights and watch for more in the future showcasing all the spectacular moves seen throughout the tournament!