• By Lonny Lovins:   Another unseasonably warm day off of the "Great One's" highway, and the teams are playing tight to the finish.  With all the little tykes done yesterday, it was time for the big kids to take over the rink.  There was a lot of action, but outside of the preliminaries, the scores stayed pretty low today.  Both our Bantam and Midget divisions gave us some really exciting games.  Here is just a taste of what you missed if you weren't here today. Bantam Division - We star

  • By Lonny Lovins: Nor-Cal Cup is up and going in Stockton and we had a great day 1.  On a side note, coming from Silver Creek Sportsplex, which is the best facility I have been to, it is nice to see the facility in Stockton taken care of the way that it is.  From the clean glass, the well taken care of boards, and the nice floor, you can tell that they pride in the product they are providing.   The Atom and Mite divisions played all of their games today, providing us with a couple of really ex

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  • NARCh/Nor Cal Cup Rule Change:In the past we’ve allowed players to compete with their team regardless of what point they show up during the tournament, as long as they are on the team roster when it is originally submitted upon check in. Going forward (starting this weekend at Nor Cal Cup Championships) players have to participate in at least one regular game to be eligible to compete with the team through the playoffs and championship. There are multiple reasons for this rule change, but th

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  • We are fielding many questions about the Nor Cal Cup Championships.  As anyone that has dealt with NARCh or Nor Cal Cup for any period of time will tell you, we are strict with our rules.Something happened this year that we didn’t expect.  We had 5 Nor Cal Cup Tournaments leading up to the Nor Cal Cup Championships.    Unfortunately we had to cancel two events because the majority of teams chose to play in the same events, the other three.  Teams did sign up for the two tournaments we ha

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