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  • I am currently looking for ateam to play on in the Narch East Coast  Winternationals. I would liketo play in the men's silver or gold division and if you have a 35 andover division I would like to play in that too. I have many many manyyears of experience playing travel roller hockey. I have played in theNarch Finals over 13 times in the Silver, platinum, gold divisions. Ihave played over in Europe. I played in England and 2000/2001. Iplayed in Finland in 2001 and 2009 in the Finnish SM-Liiga.

  • We are coming up to San Jose for the upcoming tournament as my youngest son’s team from Corona is scheduled to play in the 12U division.  His older brother (Austin) plays 16U A for the Huntington Beach team, but that team has decided not to make the trip.  Since he will be up there anyway, he is looking for a team that may be short a player and have a need.  He primarily plays defense, but does play forward at times as well.  Anything that you hear about would be greatly appreciated. Brent

  • Won Midget Gold at 2012 Finals, played both Midget and Junior Gold in 2011in Florida. 5 Years NARCh Gold Experience, 2 years NCRHA DI/DII experience.Email or call or text Kevin at 602-769-4525.Thanks.

  • Midget Silver team looking for a strong goalie (will play for FREE) and 2 more strong players, preferably on defense, for Winternationals.  If interested, please contact ASAP (562-756-6138 or )

  • Player looking for a Midget and Mens Silver/Gold Team for WInternationalsI am looking for both a midget and Mens Silver/Gold team forWinternationals in San Jose. Last season I played midget AA/AAA.Please contact me at:

  • I will be in California the weekend for winternationals. Looking to play for any team that needs a player. I am 21 and have a ton of experience playing at narch in platinum level competition. Best way to reach me is via email. Thank you for the time.  Email

  • San Diego Rockets are looking for players for the West Coast Winternationals for their 6u and 8u teams.  If interested email

  • Defensive defenseman looking for Midget Silver team to join up with for Winternationals.  Smart, consistent, fearless shot blocker, rarely caught out of position.  Currently plays for Mission Bauer Raiders Midget A and IHF Irvine Combo Varsity teams, but neither team is going to San Jose.  Contact at or (562) 756-6138.

  • My name is Patrick Hecht.  I am a 93 goalie, and I'm looking for a Men's or Junior's team to play with at NARCh Winternationals in San Jose.  I played Midget Gold at NARCh Finals last year, and would like to pllay with a Men's Gold or Junior's Gold team, but I'll take anything if possible.  It's my last year in California, so I would really like to play.  Thank you.  Email:

  • Pee Wee player needed.  Thousand Oaks Bruins are looking for at least one defenseman.  Please contact Jason at 805 496 8559 or email at

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