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  • I am a Mens Goalie that plays in Toronto and often at the Hershey Centre in the MRHA.   My resume includes playing in both AIHL Pro and Minor for the Toronto Thunderhawks, playing in MIHA for the Great Lakes Gamblers in their highest division, and I also played in the Narch Finals Last year in Cali.  I also played for Centennial College in the OCAA for ice hockey this past year.  I would love to play in any division other than Pro (the higher the better).  I am 6-3 and have the latest Reebo

  • Looking for a 45+ goalie.  Contact 

  • I am looking to place a player on a Girls and Women's team for the NARCh Finals held this summer in Mississauga.She is playing at FIRS Worlds Championships this summer in California. She is a member of the Namibian National team. She is 16 and wants very badly to compete at NARCh this summer. I would describe her as a silver/gold player.Please contact Brian Sobel @

  • Hi my name is Donovan Allen and I'm looking for a team to go to the NARChfinals in Mississauga. I played for the sherwood park bullfrogs and got agold seeding in the sherwood park qualifier. Last year I played for theArizona groove in peewee silver and I won the skills competition (shootout). I also played in the alberta summer games and I will be playing forteam alberta in the Canada west cup. I haven't won a NARCh medal yet andI want to change that!! I will be in Mississauga anyways as my brot

  • While the mens team I play for decides whether they are in for NARCh  or out I am looking for a Men's 35+ team to play for at NARCh in Mississauga.I have played previously in NARCh in Gold and Platinum divisions.  Contact Vince Wand cell # 519

  • Hello my name is Casey Brock and I am 17 years. I need a team that can fill me for defense. I have a lot of experience at regionals and at Narch finals too. Some teams I have played for is the Buffalo Wings and the BIHG Razors. I know my part on the rink and I have multiple trophies from regionals and I'm looking to lead the team back in our own end. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at 716-254-0049. By the way I am from Buffalo, NY and I am probably only looking at east coast te

  • I have played before for different teams.  Due to NO women's teams here in Buffalo. I am looking for a Women's team, and/or 35 over or 45 over. Thanks, Shawnee Oberholtzer,

  • Hello my name is Tyler Reese and I am looking for a 21U team to play on in NARCh nationals this year. I am 6' 2" platinum level player and just in need of somewhere to play. I have played hockey for close to 18 years and I know I can be a great asset to anyone's bench.Call or text anytime702-376-4235

  • We are coming in from the Cayman Islands to play in the NARCh roller hockey finals July 12-15 at the Hershey Center!  We are looking to field a goalie to play with our 8 and under team!  If interested, please contact Nicole Hastings

  • Looking to find a team to play goalie for in your NARCh finals in Toronto.    Carson is the current 12U goalie for the Tour Lizard Kings and played in the NARCh Regional qualifier May 18th and 19th in Snellville GA.   Our Lizard King team could not get enough players to make the trip to Toronto.   Passports are ready to go and we have no problem traveling,  could even possibly make a trip to another regional qualifier if needed.   Carson is also the goalie representing Georgia for the

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