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  • Hey everyone, I'm looking for a mens silver team for narch finals in san jose. I'm a 92 and have played high level, I played statewars in 92 AAA and have got top scorer in many regionals. Let me know if you need a player.

  • The Tour Roadrunners need a goalie for their girls and women's team as our current goalie broke her wrist two days ago.  If you are interested please email vio at, asap.  Divisions run July 26th - 29th.  Everyone is booked and ready to go, we just need goalies.

  • My son is a Squirt Silver qualified player who would love to come play on a team if anyone needs extra players.  He qualified with the Reebok Jr. Ducks 'A' team.  He usually plays forward, but he'll play whatever a team is in need of. If you need to contact me, you can email me or call me at (951) 415-0262. Thanks so much! Angela Kohler

  • Two '99 players from the So Cal championship team looking for a team to play with in the finals. Our team was not able to continue into the NARCH finals, but we would like to play with a Platinum level team in San Jose. One is a forward and the other can play forward or defense. If interested, please contact Mark at

  • The Colorado Kodiaks 10u Plat. Team is looking for a goalie to play this years Finals. Our team played in the 10u Plat division last season as first years. We return every player but our goalie. Please email Dave Fromm at

  • Looking to add a few players for the Mission/Bauer Outcasts men's platinum team. Team will be real competitive, have some guys from Outcasts' junior platinum team, some guys from ASU team that took 2nd in men's platinum at NARCh 2010. We'll take 1-2 players, forward or defensemen, doesn't matter, as long as you can play. Email if you're interested

  • Hello, if there is a Bantam Platinum or Gold Team looking for players, I am available. I am a ’95 birth year. I play both Ice, Roller and Men’s Semi-Pro. Qualified for Bantam 16’s Gold. I play both “Strong Forward and Defensive Position’s” looking to fill in for Bantam Teams that are in need of players. Please email me at or Text me at (209) 484-4793. Thanks

  • Hello, if there is a bantam platinum or midget team looking for players, I am available. I am a '96 birth year. I play both ice and roller. Last year I played Bantam Silver and Midget Silver as a PeeWee. I am a forward position looking to fill in for bantam teams that are in need of players. Please email me at Thanks

  • 10u/mite platinum colorado kodiaks are looking for a goalie for narch nationals. please contact Coach Dave Fromm at  or jes sandoval at

  • “Fast, creative and team focused ’99 Squirt Platinum player looking for a team to play with at Finals .  Played Platinum for several years including last year in Squirt Plat Finals.  Check out the highlight goal I set up in Finals last year – starts at 4:40 I’m  #22  Happy to play either D or F and I pass a ton.   Email my dad at  for details.  Already booked our flights f

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