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  • First and foremost, our condolences the Zarem Family.  Dave Zarem has been instrumental in keeping roller hockey alive and healthy in Detroit and is the heart of the Detroit Mission Stars.  Unfortunately he got the news yesterday while here that his brother had passed.   It's never easy even discussing death and everyone handles it a bit differently.  I'm uncomfortable writing about it.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you Dave.  The roller hockey world is a tight family and his pain is

  • by Alex Morrison The longest meter is more like it up here.  Day 2 at the NARCh Finals was the longest of the 17 days we will spend in Mississauga this summer.  65 games, and 5 skills competitions took place  over the course of 17 hours, and we didn't have a dull minute. The skills competitions were the highlight of the day.  We started things off with the Atom Division, which was the largest skills turnout by far.  We had over 30 shooters!  This was one of the more entertaining skills com

  • Check out the NARCh Finals Live Streaming page  here.

  • If your team signed up to compete in the 2013 NARCh FINALS in Mississauga please make sure that you are LISTED CORRECTION and IN THE RIGHT DIVISION. If there’s a mistake, contact NARCh IMMEDIATELY!!!  Email AND call 760-943-0049. We are starting the schedule and shortly it will be too late for modifications. More information will follow in the upcoming week and the schedule will be posted on or before July 7th.   2013 NARCh Finals Team List    

  • We are excited to announce that United Airlines is offering a discount on all flights into either Toronto (YYZ) or Buffalo (BUF) for the NARCh Finals this July!   Here is how it works:   Go to   Book a flight from anywhere to either Toronto (YYZ) or Buffalo (BUF) between the dates of July 8 - July 31, 2013   enter the following offer code   ZPN8239529   That will give you a discount of 2-10% off of their lowest fares.  No strings attached!

  • If you have a DUI and are planning on coming to the FINALS you need to read this. Looks like you can get into the country, it just takes an extra $200 and a form filled out. What is the new policy on criminal inadmissibility?Normally, if you have been convicted of an offense, such as mischief or driving under the influence, you cannot enter Canada without a permit that has a processing fee of $200. However, in line with Canada’s Federal Tourism Strategy, Citizenship and Immigration Canada and

  • Mississauga Regional Schedule

  • By Jeremy Ellis Well we had a chance to grab a good meal and get a measure of sleep on Sunday night after a full weekend of action in Moriches.  I know Mike is busy getting after the highlight video so here I go closing things up with the last 4 championship game recaps. After the remaining 4 adult games squared away the seeds for the mens division, we were back to the medal games with the Squirt Platinum Final.  Mission Black Ice 00 had the #1 seed after a high scoring round robin that saw th

  •  By Casey Wedge Wrapped Up in BuffaloWhile shutouts were the theme for Friday and Saturdays games, the Sunday games wrapped up the weekend in a very different fashion. We’re always doing our best to keep games on time and keep everything running smoothly. When games are running a little late you’re not the only one frustrated. However, when we’re slightly behind schedule because of games that come down the dying seconds and games that are too close to settle in regulation, it’s a much

  • By Jeremy Ellis Saturday is in the books and I am finally able to catch my breath after the first wave of championship games today.  All together we have 8 final games taking place this Sunday.  Hope you like the picture attached to this blog.  Longtime Black Ice Coach Aaron Weiss just had a new baby boy, Brody.  Look out for him to be earning medals sometime in the near future! Since Casey touched a bit on the Hawks - Kings game from last night in his Buffalo blog, I will add on just a bit.

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