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  • We are definitely in the heart of our travel season.  Last week we were on Hawaiian time, 6 hours different then where we are now in Pennsylvania.  Next week we’re back on Cali time for our largest regional event of the year in Irvine where we’ll cram about 225 games into 3 days.I was looking forward to coming to this event for multiple reasons.  Most of the teams playing in this qualifier will be making the trip up to Canada for the FINALS, so I wanted to see them play and make sure they

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  • It’s Monday AM and I’m somewhere over the Pacific Ocean reflecting on what a great time I had in Hawaii.    I’ve been to Hawaii many times and always enjoy the islands, but this particular trip it was honestly the action at KIHA that I enjoyed the most.  The rink volunteers, parents, and players that call KIHA their home rink are some of the nicest and most welcoming people I’ve ever met.  The groups that came in from Australia and Maui were also very pleasant.   Everyone made spe

  • by Lonny LovinsAs we head into day 3 of our NARCh regional here in Hawaii, we have a lot going on.  The Yoder brothers are chasing immortality as they work hard at cementing their place in NARCh history by chasing the one gold medal that has eluded them…The coveted 35+ championship.   On a more serious note, the work that has been done with the Hawaiian teams thanks to Jami and his crew here has been phenomenal.  The systems that have been put into place will help hockey here grow for many

  • Stockton schedule - April 20-21, 2013

  • by Alex Morrison I don't think CBS will be too upset that their name was borrowed for the title of this update.  It is 11pm Eastern, 8pm Pacific, and we are smack in the middle of our longest NARCh day ever on the island of Oahu. The beach is not too far from here, but we will not be seeing any of the waves for another 24 hours, as we still have 48 games to go!  Here is a little "Halfway to Hawaii" update: The youth divisions are almost done with their preliminary play, and have their playoff

  • 43 Teams are competing here at Kapolei Inline Hockey Arenas in our largest event ever held on the Island.   A big reason for the increased number is the addition of 7 teams that traveled in from Australia to compete in their first NARCh Event.Over 120 players, parents, and coaches traveled over and have been here all week taking in everything the Island Experience has to offer.  They’ve also been practicing during the week getting ready for the weekend.  They are not used to the ice court

  • Please take a minute to check out this story.   Many in our roller hockey circle are familiar with JuaqStong and his story.  Juaq was lucky in every way.  He had an unbelievably strong group of friends and family and was very fortunate that a few of those people were able to get him the proper help he needed in his battle.   With his strong will, proper treatment, and some god willing luck, he was successful in his fight against this horrible disease. A documentary is being made about his

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