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  • NorCal Cup - San Jose (11/24-25, 2012)

  • This weekend we kicked off the Nor Cal Cup Season at Silver Creek Sportsplex.  It’s the 3rd year of the series and from all indications at the rink the last two days it’s going to be the best season yet. When I walked in the door Saturday it was sort of like seeing a large extended family that I haven’t seen in a while.  Walking from the door to our booth I was greeting with many handshakes, smiles, and even some hugs. Silver Creek was packed and it was clear that everyone was eager

  • Although I was just as excited as always to be spending the day at the rink, I knew waking up this morning that today was going to be a little different. Loving hockey more than anything and growing up playing in NARCh tournaments when I got an opportunity to help out with the NorCalCup tournament series I jumped at the chance. I’m graduating from UCSB in three weeks and with an opportunity to stay involved in hockey I really couldn’t be more excited. After coming to these tournaments for

  • Nor Cal Cup Schedule - November 24-25 2012

  • 2013 Finals Block Schedule

  • 2013 WC Winternationals Block Schedule

  • It's not too early to start thinking about WINTERNATIONALS. The West Coast Winternationals will be held January 18th-21st at the Silver Creek Sportsplex in San Jose, CA. The East Coast Winternationals will be held February 15th-18th at the Dreamsports Center in Apex, NC. The registration forms, host hotel list, and other information will be available shortly.  

  • If you haven’t already heard the NARCh FINALS are heading back to Canada in 2013.  The event will be held at the Hershey Centre in Mississauga, just outside of Toronto.   “We haven’t been to Canada since ’09 so it’s time to go back!  The Hershey Centre is a great venue.   Some current NARCh Players have never been there, so I think there’s a high level of excitement for the event from them, as well as the teams that can get to the event easier than they can get to Florida

  • By Jeremy Ellis Family Ties Back in 2009, I was headed back to the hotel from the rink in Mississauga.  I was riding with three others, including one face that was new to the staff.  He looked eerily familiar, like someone I had met before.  It took a couple of minutes of discussion but we quickly figured it out.  Twenty six years earlier we had played pee wee hockey together back in Michigan.  That face was NARCh tournament director Pat Martinez.  This weekend we stepped onto the rink t

  •   By Jeremy Ellis When attending a sporting event, a fans goal is to have the outcome come down to the final moments.  No one ever wants to sit through a blowout when the countdown to the conclusion is one born out of boredom.  The fans here at the rink today may have had more than their fill of outcomes decided within the waning moments. If you take a look at the live scoring you will see it littered with overtimes and one goal games.  It took overtime in the Pro playoffs, Junior Sem

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