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  • 2012 Finals Game by Game Scores

  •   by Alvin Do This was my favorite highlight of the day. In the Cub Silver final the Stallions from Colorado were down by one goal, 5 to 4, to AKS with at least 30 or so seconds left on the board. It was looking like AKS was going to take this championship. Boy was I wrong, the stallions tied the game with 1.1 seconds left in the second period to send the game in to overtime. Colorado stuns the crowd with a comeback in the second and ultimately a goal in overtime.   The ev

  • By Chad Spezia Although I would never complain about being in California, my day of travel didn’t go the smoothest. My hockey sticks didn’t make the trip here. That could very well be a sign that I shouldn’t play and maybe just work instead. My attitude instantly changed when I walked into the Silver Creek Sportsplex this afternoon. The mite skills were going on and it was one of the better skills competitions I’ve seen. There were just as many if not more, people in the stands dur

  • By Alvin Do Playoffs started this morning for the Atoms and Cubs. Each division branches off into different levels after round robin. These are only playoff games, so there is still a ton of hockey to play.   In the Atoms division the top 3 teams make the platinum bracket, seeds 4 to 6 make gold and the rest make the silver bracket. There were ten total Atoms teams that qualified and played in this years NARCh Finals. The first final game will be the Atoms Platinum final bet

  • By Alex Morrison The first Saturday night of the Finals was a wild one.  From the Cub Skills competition to the end of the Mite Silver/Club prelims to a Pee Wee Silver double OT thriller to Midget Silver playoff seedings, we were not lacking drama at the Sportsplex. Let’s start things off with the Cubs.  We had almost 40 kids on the floor for the skills competition, all so very excited to be part of the event.  The fastest skater competition was a blast, as 8 kids skated their tails o

  • This tournament is like a marathon, but it certainly felt like a sprint start.  Yesterday was very busy and by the time I blinked it was lunch, blinked again and it was dark outside. Skills take a lot of energy and effort to pull off a good production, especially with the videos we do too, so with 4 in a row yesterday afternoon it look a lot of focus.  Unfortunately I didn’t really have a chance to just sit back and bounce from rink to rink and enjoy the games, but that’s exactly what I i

  • By Alex Morrison Day 1 at the NARCh Finals began for me at 6:30am, with kids excited to hit the floor for their first game of the event.  It is now a bit after 10pm, almost 16 hours later, and we are still in a building full of that same energy.  60 games have passed by so far.  Here is a little bit of what we saw today: It is amazing to see so many kids under 10 playing this sport.  This morning, for 6 straight hours, we had 20 games that involved Atom and Mite teams.  That made for

  • Morning of Day 1. I intended to write a blog at 6am but things have been crazy here at Silver Creek on the first morning of the NARCh FINALS, but all in a good way.   The facility is dressed to the 9’s, all NARChed up.   Sponsors continue to go bigger and better.   First impression is that Tour Hockey made the biggest leap and is up for most improved booth, but Revision, Labeda, and Rink Rat all stepped it up too.  Alkali has been hot since it came on the scene last year. The merchand

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