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  • 1:20 D1 – Tour Roadrunners Trizzoh VS Next Gen Vanquish 2:00 D1 – Tour LTD VS Mission Black Ice 2:45 D1 – Tour Roadrunners VS Alkali RPD 4:15 D1 – Tour Mudcats VS Tour Roadrunners Trizzoh 5:00 D1 – Mission Black Ice VS Team Rinos Na-Palm 5:45 D1 – Detroit Infamous VS Tour Roadrunners 7:10 – Midget Plat – Mission Outcasts VS Mission Black Ice 7:50 – Midget Plat – Bauer Bordercats VS Alkali Gamblers

  • 10:15 Mens Bronze Quarterfinal 11:00 Mens Bronze Quarterfinal 12:30 Mens Silver Quarterfinal 1:15 Mens Gold Playoff 2:45 Mens Silver Semifinal 4:15 Mens Bronze Championship 5:15 Mens Silver Championship 6:16 Mens Gold Championship

  • 9:40  -   Midget Gold Championship 10:40 – Mens Silver – Alkali Assault VS Tour Roadrunners 12:10 – Mens Silver – Gulf Coast Eagles VS LI Blazers 12:55 – Mens Silver – Fish the Sequel VS Labeda Shock 2:25 – Mens Silver – Avalanche Roller Hockey Club VS Poundtown 3:10 – Mens Silver – NY on Vacation VS SUA Hockey Club 4:40 – Mens Silver Skills 6:50 – Mens Gold Skills

  • 2014 NARCh Finals Team Notes   If you are a coach or team manager at the 2014 NARCh Finals entered in a division with no coaches' meeting scheduled, then this form is for you!  Please click on the above link for all of the pertinent information to make your experience in Florida the most enjoyable possible.

  • 12:00 Midget Gold Playoff #4 VS #512:40 Peewee Gold Championship2:20 Mens Silver/Bronze – Spartans VS NY Dynamo3:00 Mens Silver/Bronze – Bald Eagles VS Team Rinos Na-Palm4:20 Mens Gold – Alkali Illusion VS NCR Tour Elite5:00 Mens Gold – Katios Hockey Club VS Team Hot as Fire6:20 Mens Gold – Artzak Drink Team VS Alkali Assault7:00 Junior Gold Championship8:30 Mens Gold – Philadelphia Demons VS South Florida Crunch9:10 Mens Gold – Montreal Mixers VS Alkali Illusionhttp://new.livestre

  • 10:40 Squirt Gold Final 11:40 Bantam Gold Final 1:30 Midget Gold Skills 2:10 Midget Gold – Tour Blast VS Alkali Illusion 2:50 Junior Gold – Tour Excitement VS Katios Hockey Club 4:10 Junior Gold Skills 4:50 Midget Gold – Detroit Mission Stars VS Alkali Assault 6:10 Midget Gold – STL Mavericks VS NCR Tour Elite 6:50 Junior Gold – Tour Blast VS Tour Excitement 7:30 Junior Gold – STL Mavericks VS Alkali Gamblers

  • By Lonny Lovins Day number seven, and we are off to a great start.  We have had two more divisions go final, and we have some great skills competitions coming up. The action has been getting heated today, as a lot of the older kids are letting their emotions get the best of them on the floor.  This has resulted in a few more penalties, and a lot of power play goals.  We have been having a great tournament so far, and I expect we will see even better things going forward.   We have been getti

  • By: Lonny Lovins  We are roughly one third of the way through finals, and our Silver/Club Divisions have wrapped up for the kids.  Overall, the skill level of the Silver and Club Divisions is increasing,  which I believe will lead to our Gold Division getting better, which will in turn make our Platinum level amazing.  The tournament has been running very smoothly, and the games for the finals have been really close, with a few of them going to OT.  The round robin games were close as w

  • 10:40 AM – JR Gold - Detroit Mission Stars VS Tour Blast 11:20 AM – Midget Gold - Koguis VS Alkali Illusion 12:45 PM – PW Gold - Carolina Force 99 VS Avalanche Roller Hockey Club 1:30 PM – PW Gold - Bauer Bordercats VS AZ Groove 2:15 PM – PW Gold - 2000 Dragons VS Capitals Hockey Club 3:40 PM – JR Gold – STL Mavericks VS Katios Hockey Club 5:00 PM – Midget Gold – Tour Blast VS Koguis 5:45 PM – PW Gold – Mission Outcasts 00 VS

  • 9:10 Squirt Club Final 10:10 Squirt Silver Final 11:10 Mite Platinum Final 12:10 Mite Gold Final 1:10 Bantam Club Final 2:15 Bantam Silver Final 3:30 Bantam Gold Skills 5:00 Peewee Gold Skills 6:50 Peewee Gold – Avalanche Roller Hockey Club VS Gulf Coast Eagles Blue 8:15 Bantam Gold – NCR Tour Elite VS Avalanche Roller Hockey Club 9:00 Bantam Gold – California 77s VS Tour Rattlers Black  

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